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About Peel Lodge 468

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Peel Lodge 468 GRC: A History

On Tuesday evening June 7, 1904, about fifty (50) masons assembled under dispensation to inaugurate a new lodge in Caledon East. Worshipful Brother F.N. Leavens, a Past Master of True Blue Lodge 98 in Bolton, was the first Master of Peel Lodge 468. True Blue Lodge No. 98 is considered our mother lodge.

The first lodge room was in a leased flat on the upper level, of the Bradley Building owned by Bro. Thomas Evan, on the main street of Caledon East (Airport Road). It is still standing today.

Our second lodge room (1910) was a building attached to St James Anglican Church and was later demolished for an extension to the church.

In 1931 the lodge switched from Tuesday nights (closest to the full moon) to the third Friday of the month and then in 2003 the lodge switched back to the third Tuesday of the month. History has it that in the first ½ of the 20 century members travelled from Inglewood to the lodge by a railway jigger, others by walking, horseback, train, and auto.

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In 1957 our current lodge hall was completed, dedicated, and has been in use since then. At present Peel Lodge 468 Grand Lodge of Canada AF&AM in the Province of Ontario, Valley Chapter 297 Order of the Eastern Star, and Tecumseh Shrine Club, Rameses Shriners meet in the building once a month.

Worshipful Brother George Berney had 6 sons, 5 grandsons and 3 sons-in-law as members as well as Worshipful Brother J Fleetham had 4 sons, 3 grandsons and 1 son-in-law as members.


Finally in its first 100 years there were 450 members initiated, 90 Master of the Lodge and 101 affiliations. Next year 2024 the lodge will celebrate its 120 anniversary.

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